The Airfield’s History Page

Refer to the UK AIP for definitive information

All Sherburn circuits are flown at 1000 ft on the Sherburn QFE. Circuits may be right or left hand, depending on the runway in use. See the runway details (below) for circuit patterns.

Whether or not pilots receive acknowledgement from the Sherburn A/G station, all normal circuit calls must be made.

Runway Surface and Approach Aids
11 / 29 Tarmac APAPI 4° + Runway edge/end lighting
11 / 29 Grass lighting nil
06 / 24 Grass lighting nil
01 / 19 Grass lighting nil

Please see Flying Order nr. 21A for information regarding taxyways, etc..

We have Avgas 100LL and Jet A1 available at competitive rates, Landing fee may be waived upon uplift of fuel, please call the flightdesk for minimum amounts.

Joining procedures
The normal joining procedure at Sherburn is overhead at 1500 ft on the Sherburn QFE, descending deadside to circuit height. Call overhead, and descending deadside.

Local Training Area
The area used for general handling training is south of the M62 motorway, in a triangle bounded by the motorway in the north, the A1 trunk road in the west, and a railway line running north-east from Doncaster disused power station in the east, describing an inverted triangle. The vertical extent is up to 6000 ft on the regional QNH.

Noise Abatement
Sherburn Aero Club is concerned to be a good neighbour in its operations. To this end, pilots must abide by the published circuit patterns (see any good Flight Guide, or the links for each runway above), and avoid overflight of local villages: Hambleton, Monk Fryston, Sherburn-in-Elmet, South Milford, and Lumby.

Church Fenton
The Sherburn ATZ is wholly contained within the Church Fenton MATZ. Entry to the MATZ by inbound aircraft must be gained before contacting Sherburn Radio (during published hours of operation of Church Fenton) by contacting Fenton Approach on 126.50. Clearance will normally be given to enter the MATZ not above 1500 ft on the Church Fenton QFE.

Departure involves a similar procedure, remaining at circuit height until clear of the zone.