The Club Fleet

Here at Sherburn we have a large and fairly diverse fleet of aircraft some 14 in all. These can be used for basic PPL training as well as IMC, Night, and Aerobatics to Intermediate level. They are all available to members for hire solo or with an instructor and always at reasonable rates. These rates can be found elsewhere on the site.

G-LORC is a PA28 Cadet. We have 4 Cadets here at Sherburn, they have been the mainstay of our fleet for many years. They have 160hp engines and are a popular choice for PPL training as well as basic club flying and touring.

G-BONE is one of 5 PA28 Warriors. This aircraft is similar to the Cadets but has a higher equipment fit and used for basic touring and instrument training as well as everyday recreational flights by PPLs.

G-SACK is one of two Robin 2160s we have and are used as trainers for basic aerobatics and general recreational flying. These aircraft have a control stick as opposed to the yoke found on most of the fleet. The bubble canopy makes for great all round vision. G-BPYO is a PA28 Archer and is the main club tourer. It has a 180 hp engine and can take four people with relative ease

G-YIII (pictured) has now been sold so the club now has one Cessna 150 aircraft on the fleet that is primarily used for PPL training. This is the cheapest way to your PPL and the cheapest to hire…