For flying training Sherburn Aero Club operates Piper Cadet aircraft and Cessna 150’s. The Robin 2160 is also used for ‘ab initio’ training. These aircraft are also available for hire once you have your licence, so that you can take your family and friends up for a flight, or even on holiday abroad.

The Piper Cadet is a low-wing tricycle-undercarriage aircraft, with the comfort inside of a wide cabin and a very low noise level. Entry to the aircraft is via a single door over the wing which is easy to open and close, thereby promoting a very easy method of entry and exit. On the ground the aeroplane is steered via the nose-wheel which is positively linked to the rudder pedals making it very manageable. In the air the aircraft climbs at 800ft/min., and once settled in the cruise, stability in all three axes is good. The Cadet is pleasant and stable to fly, and has the added bonus of being a very robust and reliable aircraft.

In addition to the Piper Cadet Sherburn Aero Club fly the Cessna 150. This is a 2-seater high-wing, tricycle-undercarriage aircraft which has been the workhorse of flying training for numerous years, and on which many students have trained for their PPL.