Sherburn airfield is situated in controlled airspace within the Church Fenton Military Air Traffic Zone (MATZ), and only a short flying distance from Leeds-Bradford International Airport.

We benefit from having a busy commercial airport on our doorstep and the Royal Air Force as close neighbours, both of whom provide us with excellent air traffic and radar services.

Being situated in uncontrolled airspace we can offer full value for money. Taxying distance to our runways is short, with no time wasted ‘holding’ for commercial traffic. Once airborne no time is lost travelling to and from our flying training area.

Sherburn has 3 grass and 1 tarmac runways which cater for most of the wind directions we encounter. The runways are licensed by the CAA.

We have a staff of highly qualified instructors who operate 7 days a week during the hours of daylight. All our aircraft are maintained in the Public Transport category by licensed engineers at Sherburn Engineering, Limited.

It is our aim at Sherburn to offer an efficient friendly service to our members, and we take pride in the progress and achievements of our students and PPLs/NPPLs, many of whom have progressed to become Service or commercial pilots.

When you have your Private Pilots Licence (PPL), or your National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL), you will have proved something to yourself and to those about you. You will have found a new kind of freedom and personal fulfilment.

Before committing yourself why not try an Air Experience Flight?